“Friday 45” Ivy Jo – I Can Feel The Pain

Today’s 45 comes from one of the forgotten men of Mowtown, Ivy Jo Hunter.

When Hunter signed a contract with Mowtown in 1963 he signed 4 separate contracts as a songwriter, artist, producer and artist manager. Whilst he had a great deal of success as a songwriter, writing for The Four Tops, The Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye and most famously “Dancing In The Streets” for Martha & The Vandellas, his singing career didn’t really take off. Allegedly unfavoured by Berry Gordy and his assistants, it took 7 years until Ivy Jo managed to get a single released and when he did, they were barely promoted and fell into obscurity.

In 1970 he released “I Remember When (Dedicated To Beverly)” with the B Side being his cover of “Sorry Is A Sorry Word”, a song he originally wrote for The Temptations. 1971 saw his second and ultimately last single as a singer for Mowtown, “I’d Still Love You”. The B side of this single you can hear below and see why it is one of my all time favourite Soul tracks.


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