*Listen* Electronica Nuggets #2

When I started selecting tracks for my Spotify playlist a forntight back, I realised that I had featured so much excellent Electronica that one playlist wouldn’t be enough. So here is then is a second playlist of Electronica featured on the OOQ radio show.

*Listen* Electronica Nuggets

Once again, i’m breaking down music featured on the OOQ radio show into smaller, more focused Spotify playlists. This week it was time to select some of the best Electronica i’ve played in the 20 months i’ve been doing the show on Reform Radio. This was a difficult one to boil down so i’ve broken…

*Listen* Bass Nuggets

A new Spotify playlist for you, and this week it’s a selection of bassy goodness for you to tuck in to. All featured previously on the OOQ radio show. (artwork by Bill Zindel)

*Listen* Deep Soul Nuggets

I’m going to be releasing a mix of Deep and Sweet Soul from 45s in a fortnight, so to get in the mood for that, this weeks playlist is a selection of Deep and Sweet Soul featured on the OOQ radio show. Enjoy!! *Disclaimer – There are a few spoilers of the mix so look…

*Listen* Jazz Nuggets

Back again with a new focused selection from previous broadcasts. This week, I compiled some of the Jazz featured on Out Of Quiet, with everything from the new wave of U.K Jazz to Ethio Jazz covered. Listen below…..